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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sea Inspired Earthenware Creations by Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins holds one of his sea bowls.
Inspired by marine life that survive in the brackish habitats that exist along our Virginia shore, kevin Collins brings to life a unique collection of ceramic (porcelain) creations for your coastal home. The forms take on shapes of modeled bowls with oyster shells and barnicles and shell colored inner surfaces in shades of pink, coral, blues, greens and purples. Kevin's earthenware creations also take on the form of shell lamps, some actually starting with a piece of driftwood with small sea creatures added to the natural surface. His collection also includes shell-designed necklaces and earrings and even individual oyster shell and clumps of barnacles as refrigerator magnets. His designs are endless and we never know what Kevin will come up with next. These porcelain art pieces are functional   art oieces and perfect decor item for your beach and coastal home.

Sea-inspired coral colored ceramic bowl with barnacles.

Kevin's first experience in creating pottery was at the age of 12. He was offered a class in ceramics and discovered that he inspired to working and creating art with his hands. He also was interested in oceanography at a young age and fascinated with ocean marine life and the small sea creatures that lived along the waters edge and could be observed during the change of tides. Low tide exposed a variety of mullosks such as barnacles, oyster shells and welks and crustaceans that survived in our local waters with each ebb and flow and attached themselves to it's coastal surroundings. Kevin selects colors for his creations reminescent of the smooth interior of shells like conchs, oysters and giant clams.

Oyster shell lamp by Kevin Collins.
 Kevin's passion for marine ecology and his skill as a potter led to the design and production of his current ceramic and low-fired earthenware creations. Each sea bowl, lamp or piece of jewelry is within itself a study in marine life. His exceptional marine creations are unique, one of a kind, signed and dated by the artist.

A native of Hanover County, Virginia, Kevin has won numerous competitions and awards for his ceramic works of art. A selection of his ceramic creations were displayed in the front window of Tiffany's, New York. Custom pieces can be created for you and typically takes approximately six weeks to produce.

You can visit and see Kevin's coastal creations in person at Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery located along Olde Towne Portsmouth Virginia's riverfront (next to the High Street Ferry Landing and basin).  Or on their webstore at Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery or go directly to Kevin Collins page by following the link here; marine artist Kevin Collins.
Ceramic oyster magnet vy Kevin Collins.