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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great News for the Schooner Virginia

Schooner Virginia racing the Pride of Baltimore II.  Photo by Fred LeBlanc.
Here's an update on the work accomplished on the Schooner Virginia during the past year as reported by the Virginia Maritime Heritage Foundation. The ship has literally come back to life thanks to the extraordinary efforts of her many friends, volunteers, and most importantly, donors without whose financial support, the 'Schooner Virginia' would not be here today.

•  Great News #10: Virginia successfully completed the U.S.C.G. inspection for an attraction vessel.

•  Great News #9: Virginia was dry-docked, her hull scraped clean and caulked tight.

•  Great News #8: Virginia received immeasurable support and assistance from members of the maritime
community including Lyon Shipyard, Colonna’s Shipyard, Crofton Diving, Bay Diesel, Metro Marine to name a few.

•  Great News #7: Received tremendous support and assistance from two very important maritime associations, the Virginia Ship Repair Association and the Virginia Maritime Association.

•  Great News #6: Received notice that the grant request for $250,000 for the Transportation Enhance Act has been approved. Though these funds can only be used to reduce construction debt, it allows the Virginia to funnel other donations to the important work of maintenance and repair to get Virginia sailing.

•  Great News #5: Because of your support, the Virginia has new masts, booms, gaffs, and topmasts that are needed to replace the originals.

•  Great News #4: Mast stepping was completed.

•  Great News #3: Because of the extraordinary efforts of the Virginia's faithful volunteers, Virginia’s bright work has been varnished, below decks cleaned and general care, including protecting the ship from Hurricane Irene, accomplished.

•  Great News #2: The Virginia is close to finalizing the details of our relationship with Nauticus that will place Virginia in the center of the very exciting new community sailing center to be located there.

•  Great News #1: Virginia will be ready for Virginia OpSail Virginia 2012, the extraordinary collaborative event among OpSail National, the United States Navy, Norfolk Festevents, and hundreds of other national, state and local organizations in June of 2012. This will be the largest maritime event in our region’s history and Virginia will be prominent vessel among the Commonwealth’s fleet!

Donate now and help get Virginia buck under sail!
In addition to the in-kind donations that have reduced the Virginia's expenses while providing much needed work, they have also continued to receive generous donations from members of the board and the many friends of the schooner Virginia.  Without this support, the Virginia could not have kept up with maintenance and other expenses.

Supporters hope a partnership with an educational sailing center proposed at Nauticus will keep the ship going. Recently, philanthropist Jane Batten pledged $1.5 million for the center, which will serve disadvantaged youths.

The news is great but the work list to prepare for sailing as a participant in OpSail 2012 and beyond is also great and urgently need your support now to keep this momentum afloat. Please consider making a donation today. You can donate to the Schooner Virginia by following this link on the Schooner Virginia website.

You can also support the Schooner Virginia by purchasing Schooner Virginia apparel, gifts and accessories. buy Schooner Virginia apparel and proudly wear your support! Shop the Schooner Virginia Nautical Store online by visiting the link here to the Schooner Virginia Ship's Store!

Hope to see you during Virginia OpSail 2012!

Joe & Alison Elder
Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery

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