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Friday, June 25, 2010

Nautical Themed Bathroom Designed Like the Finely Fitted Yacht

A copper  tub with nickel-plated liner sits in an alcove with ship's brass portholes and windows above and behind.
Every once in a while we have the opportunity to supply great nautical furnishings to a residential project that is beyond comparison. This private residence in the Florida Keys is one of them.  The owners have created the ultimate nautical themed home that rivals most finely fitted yachts.  So we were compelled to share a few pictures with you from the master bathroom and dressing room suite.

The picture above shows a nickel-lined copper bathtub in the center of an alcove with three antique brass port windows mounted onto a teak frieze above and a large brass ship's window behind fronted with teak vertical slat blinds. Notice the large antique brass onion globe ship's lantern that now hangs as a bathroom light fixture.

Antique teak binnacle pedestal now adorns a giant clam shell style sink.
The master bathroom sink was custom designed and created from the teak pedestal of an antique ship's binnacle stripped of its hardware and now fitted with a fiberglass giant clam shell  sink. The interior of the binnacle pedestal contains the plumbing and a single hinged door opens for storage.

An antique brass ship's porthole converted into the bathroom medicine cabinet.
The owners have used authentic shipboard items completely throughout the house. Here they have taken a WWII era brass ship's porthole and turned it into a built-in medicine cabinet. The porthole glass is lined with a frosted glass window film to semi-opaque the view. For authentic portholes and ship's windows of varying sizes click here.

Antique brass 90 degree lights with ribbed glass covers.
The sink area is lighted by a pair of antique brass 90 degree lights that retain their original ribbed explosion-proof glass covers and brass wire cages.  For 90 degree lights, click here

Teak ship's skylight lights the room.
A skylight similar to those that adorn vintage yachts has been custom built using teak and frosted glass to allow plenty of natural lighting into the main bathroom area and also privacy from above.

Laminated sailboat tillers were used as closet pole braces.
The walk-in closet adjacent to the bathroom was designed like a finely adorned yacht. Here they have used laminated wood tillers to brace the brass clothes pole.  The ceiling above is paneled and fitted with inset lights.

A teak ladder is the perfect way to reach a series of fitted cabinets.
The dressing room was designed with a rolling teak ladder that is affixed to a brass rod to circumnavigate the room making the upper cabinets accessible. Notice the white painted wood paneled ceiling. Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live. For more interesting insights to nautical design, go to Skipjack's Nautical Living home page.


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