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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marine Artist Jim Campbell

"The Eagle" Pen and ink drawing by marine artist Jim Campbell

Jim has a penchant for old maritime adventure. His interest in treasure ships, shipwrecks, clipper ships, Spanish Galleons loaded with gold and silver plus the pirates and buccaneers that piled the seas has always been fascinating to him.

"Duel at Hampton Roads"
 Pen and ink on
navigational chart.
In the course of his sailing ship research, he has become a historian as well. He revels in the telling of tales and debunking myths created by authors to suit their stories.While working for the Examiner in San Francisco, Jim became enchanted with ships in the bay. At this point, his interest in maritime art began. Sketching the fishermen, cargo vessels and old wharf buildings was the start of his career. People watching him draw often would say, what are you asking for that drawing, and would you sign it! He has been introduced as, "Oh, you're the artist that draws the ships." In galleries and museums where he often works at his drawing board.  Jim relates little-known facts, trivia and fascinating tidbits about the days of the sail. Some of his commissions have included the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard.

"The Tow Line" Pen and ink drawing by Jim Campbell
Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1928, he attended schools in Michigan and Ohio before going to work with his father in a small-town newspaper and print shop. It was here he learned his future occupation in the newspaper business. In 1975, he formed his own company, which markets his art work in galleries and shops throughout the country. Jim Campbell's unique art work can be seen in San Francisco Maritime Store, Scrimshaw Gallery in Sausalito, the Boat Works in Carmel, the Maritime Museum in Monterey, Hawaii Maritime Museum and Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery, Portsmouth, VA. Campbell's art work now hang in private collections throughout the world. As a self-taught artist he believes the best teacher is enthusiasm for your work.
Come and join us this Saturday, May 29, 2010, meet Jim Campbell and see a collection of his artwork. Jim will be on hand from 12 noon til 5 pm. working on one of his latest works of art.  You can also commission Jim to create an original pen and ink drawing of your boat- perfect for framing!  Other customers have had their original artwork reduced and used as art for business cards, cocktail napkins, greeting cards, etc. You can also visit Jim Campbell's original artwork by visiting our webstore at Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery . Click here to go to Skipjack's Nautical Living home page.


  1. Now, I know where I've seen these incredible drawings - I happened to stumble into the Scrimshaw Gallery on a rainy afternoon this past winter. Loved the details!

    Have a wonderful time this weekend showing off Mr. Campbell's collection and listening to a bit of history

  2. Thank you to all that came out Saturday to meet with Jim Campbell and for supporting the artist and his artwork.

  3. I have a non-marine piece by Jim. It's a country cottage with a picket fence and a goose.


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