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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Top 10 Nautical Gifts For All Occasions 2017

One question that we are frequently asked here at Skipjack is...I'm shopping for a gift... something for an upcoming birthday, Mother's or Father's Day, maybe a house warming gift, military retirement, and a special Christmas gift for the nautical enthusiast. And of course when they're visiting our gallery we know that they're searching for something nautical. So here's our "customer's choice" top ten favorite nautical gifts for all occasions.

Our engravable crystal magnifier with compass coordinates
is a nautical gift for all occasions.

Number One-  Our crystal compass coordinate magnifier (pictured above) is a nautical gift for all occasions. This handsome optical-grade crystal glass magnifier features marked compass coordinates with "N" for north making it perfect for use with nautical charts. With crystal clarity and magnification of 4x, this magnifier enlarges small print on any task and is a welcome addition to desks or chart tables. The scratch resistant Crystal Magnifier is more durable than acrylic models and is packaged in an attractive felt-lined gift box, suitable for ceremonial occasions and as a gift for retirement. 
Engraving is available. Please allow an extra 2 weeks for engraving. Engraved items are not returnable or refundable.  Here's a link: Crystal magnifier with compass coordinates

Scrimshawed bone handled knives by Tony Perry make the perfect
gift for any nautical enthusiast!

Number two- Scrimshawed pocket knives by Tony Perry. Available in different style pocket knives, these bone-handled knives are expertly scrimshawed artwork are available in a variety of nautical designs. From breaching whales to racing schooners, there's plenty to pick from.
For a current selection of scrimshawed knives by Tony Perry, here's the link to Skipjack's sailors tools: Scrimshawed knives by Tony Perry.

Nautical table lamps is a good choice for a home warming gift and is also a
good choice for birthdays and Christmas gift giving.
Number three- Nautical table lamps is a good choice for a home warming gift and is also a good choice for birthdays and Christmas gift giving. Skipjack's lamp & Lighting workshop produces unique, one of a kind quality nautical table lamps created from antique and vintage retired seafaring ships lights and lanterns. We also produce marine inspired table lamps converted from other authentic maritime items such as wood blocks and other shipboard items. Our collection also includes handcrafted driftwood sculpture and fancy knotwork lamps and as well as colorful coastal creations including painted vintage lobster buoys and hand-blown glass jugs with netting and other beach home favorites. Skipjack also offers a wide selection of lampshades and lamp finials too! Here's the link to our current selection of nautical table lamps

Compass rose bar glasses will enhance for any nautical home or office.

Number four- Nautical themed wine, beer and cocktail glasses is, well, for everyone! Choose from stemmed wine glass, beer glasses and old fashion bar glasses and bar accessories. Available in nautical compass rose and fouled anchor designs. Here's the link to Skipjack's Tabletop, Bar & Entertaining
Leather and ribbon belts for men and women in nautical
and coastal designs. A perfect gift for everyone.

Number five- Nautical leather and ribbon belts for men and women is a gift that everyone loves. Choose between a variety of great nautical and coastal designs to choose from for everyday wear. In stock from sizes 32 to 48 in even sizes. Other sizes can be ordered. Expect up to two weeks for special orders. Here's the link to our selection of nautical belts for men and women (boys and girls too) in Skipjack's belts and caps.

Dress up his nautical image with silk neckties, bow ties
and cuff links from Skipjack.

Number six- While your at it, consider dressing up his nautical image with silk neckties, bow ties and cuff links from Skipjack! Another great gift idea for the nautical enthusiast. Here's the link to our selection of Skipjack's nautical silk neckties, bow ties and cufflinks.

Sterling silver sailboat necklaces and earrings from the
Barbara Vincent collection. A great gift for the sailor in your life. 

Number seven- Sterling silver sailboat jewelry from the Barbara Vincent collection. Choose from Barbara's original necklace and earring designs created for the people in your life that love to sail! Here's the link to the collection of sterling silver jewelry from Barbara Vincent.

Fine nautical designed door knockers makes a fine
house warming gift and one for yourself too!

Number eight- Door knockers have been a favorite as a home warming gift. We also think it makes a great gift to yourself! Skipjack offers a great selection of nautical (and military) designed door knockers to choose from. All are available in brass and a few nickel-plated. The one pictured above was created from an authentic 19th century rope sea chest becket (handle). Here's the link to Skipjack's collection of nautical door knockers.

Brass porthole clock or barometer is a favored retirement gift!

Number nine- Brass porthole clock and barometer is a favorite for many. Choose from this classic nautical designed clock with quartz movement or barometer housed in brass portholes or mount them as a matching pair! Great retirement gift! Here's the link to our brass porthole quartz porthole clock and barometer

Brass yacht bells make perfect gifts for military retirement,
house warming and for your coastal home.

Number ten- Our best selling gift for military retirement, house warming and for yacht owners is our high quality Italian made brass yacht bells. We also offer a wide variety of vintage and antique ships bells, bell accessories and hand-tied bell ringers, so here's the link to Skipjack's ship's bells and accessories.

Shopping at Skipjack is an easy way to find the perfect nautical gift for all occasions. Visit us online at Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Art Gallery or in person at our downtown location at 620 High Street in historic Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia.

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