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Friday, July 19, 2013

Dress up Your Lamp with an Affordable Nautical Lamp Finial

Skipjack's handcrafted monkey's fist lamp finial is a wonderful choice to top off your lamp.

Being in the nautical business, we spend a lot of time flipping through interior design magazines like Coastal Living, Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, etc. looking at rooms created by professional designers for inspiration and potentials for new products. I especially take notice of the chosen decor details. One thing that holds true for most successful interiors is a focus on scale and proportion, wall color and fabric selections, and overall floor arrangement. But so many of these designers have focused on primary design elements, but lack attention to decor details. Table lamps are a great example of this. Nautical lighting can add so much to the completion of a successful coastal home interior, and that goes for appropriate lampshades and lamp finials as well.

Custom nautical lamp made using a vintage brass anchor lantern. Light toggles
between interior ambiance light, upper room light or dual lighting selections.
Shown with our nautical chart lampshade and monkey's fist lamp finial.
Skipjack is known for its great selection of custom made nautical table lamps and re-purposed vintage light fixtures. Through the years we have supplied hundreds of homeowners with beautiful lamps and lighting for their coastal abode. Our nautical chart lampshades is a favorite and probably the best nautical lamp shade on the market today. And since you can customize it by selecting your favorite coastal navigational chart, it's a no brainer. But beyond selecting a maritime lamp or lampshade, a quality nautical designed lamp finial can add a lot of design for a very affordable price. Lamp finials can be fun, whimsical, classical or anything else you fancy. Whatever style you choose, they are an excellent way to add your own personal touch to a room. Pictured below is a selection of nautical designed lamp finials that we currently stock. Please follow the link here to Skipjack's lamp and lighting department on our web store.

Brass sailboat lamp finial. Great nautical home decor.

Polished brass fouled anchor lamp finial.

Brass antique dolphin lamp finial is a classic design for nautical interiors.

Brass carp fish lamp finial.

Finial made using a Murex seashell. We have a number of  shell finials
perfect for beach and coastal home decor.

Please visit the Skipjack Nautical Wares website for a great selection of maritime antiques, nautical furnishings and decor and just about everything nautical for your home, office and nautical lifestyle!


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