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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solid Brass Ship's Bell from Skipjack

Looking for a high quality great sounding bell at an affordable price? Skipjack's 7 inch diameter solid brass ship's bell is truly one of the finest on the market. These cast brass bells are polished to a mirror finish and produce a rich and long lasting tone when struck- truly the finest ring tone for a bell in this price range- perfect for your boat, coastal home and office.

Skipjack's yacht bell- the finest nautical brass ship's bell on the market.

In our book a bell is all about the sound that it makes when struck. We've carried hundreds of bells through the years; both old and new and this particular bell rates with the best. A great bell creates a high quality, long lasting tone when struck, similar to a fine musical instrument. The majority of  bells on the market today looks great, but sounds like a child's toy or even as bad as an inverted can. Be choosy about what you adorn on your boat or home. This is it! Ship's bell at Skipjack.

 Skipjack's yacht bell comes with a cast brass bulkhead or wall bracket that allows the bell to be easily mounted for use and lifted to remove and stow away. Measures 7" wide and 4 1/2 inches tall and weighs 3.4 pounds. The bell is perfect for yachts up to 12 meters- (39.4 feet in total length- Vessels over 12 meters requires a larger bell)

You can also dress it up with one of Skipjacks hand-tied fancy ropework bell lanyards- perfect for the finely fitted yacht and nautical home.

9" X 12" high gloss mahogany plaque shown with Skipjack's 7' ship's bell and fancy ropework lanyard.
Our high gloss mahogany plaque is perfect for mounting our 7" ship's bell for military retirement gifts and other special occasions. It measures 9" X 12" and comes with an engraveable brass plate. Engraving services are available for an additional $10.00. Mahogany awards and presentation plaque.


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