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Friday, June 18, 2010

Schooner Virginia Now at Nauticus

Virginia Maritime Heritage Foundation and Nauticus Foundation have partnered bringing schooner VIRGINIA to the downtown Norfolk waterfront for summer education programs, visitation and special events as fund raising efforts to get VIRGINIA sailing intensify.

Schooner Virginia's new location at Nauticus.
The Virginia Maritime Heritage Foundation, owner and operator of schooner Virginia, and the Nauticus Foundation have partnered bringing schooner Virginia pier side at Nauticus, offering public visitation, education programs and special events during the busy summer season. The joint venture of the two foundations is a great fit that takes advantage of the synergy and missions of both organizations – specifically youth education. While the VMHF continues to seek the support that will sustain Virginia into the future, the move to Nauticus will place Virginia back in the public view and provide a platform for Nauticus to launch a new externally focused maritime program.

For the community, the move provides an opportunity to explore a piece of the living history of Hampton Roads, a re-creation vessel of a Chesapeake Bay Pilot Schooner. It will also be a part of the ongoing educational programs already in place at Nauticus, adding value to the visitor experience.

Schooner Virginia under sail.
Like the Virginia Maritime Heritage Foundation, The Nauticus Foundation, also a non-profit 501(c) 3 foundation, receives donations from individuals, corporations, and other foundations in the form of grants to support educational and outreach programs affiliated with Nauticus. Through this public support, the Nauticus Foundation is able to provide funding for additional educational outreach after-school science clubs, in-class workshops, and additional field trips that inspire and teach over 100,000 school children each year.

As part of the move, Virginia won’t be sailing this summer, as it is still not financially feasible to hire the full complement of crew necessary to sail.

We need your help. Please consider a tax deductable donation to VIRGINIA today! Schooner Virginia website.
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