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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nautical Living in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge

The stone fireplace mantle displays a Chelsea clock and a Bendix Friez barometer saved from salvage below Robert Lyn Nelson's "Extinction is forever." A Royal Copenhagen bowl, an Inuit soapstone fish carving,  part of an Alaskan Oosic and an old coin-dot lamp.
An unplanned excursion is certainly a great way to discover new horizons as well as promising prospects for upcoming blogs. So it was when our recent trip to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain of Virginia took us to visit with long-time friend and photographer Allen Graves. Allen, while visiting us a few months back to photograph 360 degree panoramic views of the interior and exterior of Skipjack’s showroom and the interior of the Schooner “Spirit of Independence,” told us about a friend's farm house that we should view and include in a Nautical Living blog. So off we went to meet with Jacqualin Davies and preview her wonderful farmhouse -- her home is nothing like you might expect in the mountains of Virginia!

Retired designer Jacqualin Davies was the owner and creative force of Jacqualin Interiors. Her Virginia home reflects her personal tastes and interests after growing up with a father in the merchant marines.

Wyland's striptych "Hawaii" is viewable
from multiple floors.
Jacqualin  believes that a big part of good design is tying together items that may or may not seem to go together in a visually pleasing way. Here Wyland's contemporary striptych "Hawaii" is brought together with a Winslow Homer's etching "Life Line," a clever stormy sea watercolor, and photographs of tropical fish using an antique octant and a native South American oar.

Vintage rope fender lamp was
 found in the bargain section
 of a consignment shop.
A lamp made from an old rope boat fender, topped with a custom metal shade, furnishes reading light on a table beside the owner's favorite chair and is paired with a turk's head coaster on which to safely set a drink and a Spode ironstone bowl for a snack.

Custom lamp made from antique
round bottom soda bottles rests
upon a wine-barrel end table.

The only custom-made pieces shown are the cocktail table and the wine-barrel end table. They are both one-of-a-kind commissioned or created by the owner. The rope fender lamp was found, sporting a shade with orange-ball fringe, in the greatly reduced section of a consignment shop in Rancho Mirage, CA.

I asked Jacqualin a few specific questions:

What are your favorite items in your home?

“It is difficult to choose favorites. I love my Chelsea clock. The bell strike sound has been with me for a while. Recently I had the clock serviced. I not only missed its appearance, but its marking the hours with its chime. The one sextant always reminds me of my godfather. I think of him each time I dust it.”

A carved dolphin with pup swims
above a driftwood  base.
Any suggestions that you can share with our readers about creating a successful coastal home?

“Don't limit coastal decor to the beach. When I began working on this look in my home, I was living in the desert. Many people there were using the Santa Fe southwestern theme. I embrace being different. Don't get cutesy with it. There is nothing interesting about fifty little resin lighthouses. Buy quality pieces that somehow speak to you and blend them with other things you love.”

Take a 360 X 180 degree virtual tour of Jacqualin Davies Blue Ridge Farm house. . Interior photos and virtual tour by Allen B. Graves.

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  1. Wow, what a great blog! I love having the ability to see and read the blog and then view the virtual tour of the room. Completely unique and trendsetting. Coastal Living should take a look!


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