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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Nautical Home- Using Authentic Nautical Decor in a Collector's Home

Let me  get started by saying thank you for sending us these wonderful pictures of your nautical home and allowing us to share them with our readers. These pictures come to us from a great customer (and wonderful friend) that has shopped with us since we opened our first gallery in 2003 in Virginia Beach, VA.  We hope that you will also be inspired to share some of your pictures from your nautical/coastal home.

The first picture (shown above) shows a table-top collection of  antique wooden blocks together with a custom made lamp and a green glass float ball.  Notice the vintage hand-made wooden slat lampshade above the three purchase ship's block lamp fitted with line.  I really like the combination of the rich, dark woods and old wrought iron fittings on the blocks together with the natural hemp color of the lines and the dark-green color of the vintage float ball.

This picture is also from his living room and features a few small wood blocks together with a glass float ball and a custom-made buoy lamp in original red and white paint. The buoy that the lamp is made from comes from Nova Scotia.  The turk's head lamp finial is made in Nantucket.

The model  displayed here on a dining table is a Chesapeake Bay Deadrise hand-built in Gloucester, VA.  The colorful harbor scene on  the back wall was painted by Norfolk, VA. artist Dorothy Hudgins.

A collection of vintage wooden lobster trap markers from Nova Scotia recently decorated with nautical scenes by Dorothy Hudgins.

Displayed on top of a stark-white painted wood cabinet is a line of vintage wood and cork floats with a the fancy knotted end of a boat oar above.  I am a big fan of using shades of red and navy blue colors together with bright-white painted cabinetry. The old cork and faded painted floats gives the room the feel of a an old salty fisherman's shack.

An opaque yellow float ball is held in place by the claw of a painted bronze crab and in a bowl of  beach-combed sea glass displayed in a cubby in the kitchen.

Authentic Nautical Decor that you can buy. Click on the link next to the produc

Turk's Head Lamp Finial-

Custom made buoy lamps-

We also have available other authentic nautical decor items similar  to those shown  in these pictures including a large selection of wood blocks, glass float balls, lines, nets, lobster markers, fishing line corks and wood floats, nautical lamps and marine art.

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Photos in this blog were taken on site by Joe Elder. All rights reserved.


  1. Looking at your items remind me of the days I lived in Rhode Island. The Turk's Head finial is very cool and I'm all over the painted lobster trap markers..Very fun site. :)
    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon

  2. Love all of this! I am coastal New Englander and now Floridian in the winter. I just returned from strolling on Anna Maria Island and noticed your photo above of the shells along Singer Island which looks much like what I saw this morning. No sea glass though!
    Thanks for the great post!
    Danielle Renee'
    Seaglass jewelry artist

  3. Love these shots!! I'll be featuring your store in the near future for sure!!! Just discovered it only recently.

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  4. These are great inspirational decor items necessary for getting that "genuine" authentic look. We offer wicker furniture, and white wicker mixed with nautical props can create a wonderful theme in your room. Great post!

    Wicker Paradise


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