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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Using Authentic Ship Parts in a Nautical Bathroom

At Skipjack, we  like to demonstrate to our customers how to transform and successfuly use authentic ship salvage elements in their nautical/coastal home. As shown in this corner view of  a Florida bathroom, they've incorporated into the design authentic high quality naval brass ship salvage elements instead of the usual decorator furnishings. A vintage 90 degree passageway light illuminates a ship porthole converted into a cabinet and fitted into a wall above a teak wainscoting. The thick frosted glass softens the look and create a semi-opaque view of the cabinet interior.  You can reproduce the look  by covering a standard porthole using a frost window tinting film in a translucent color. The hinged bolts with dog ears locks down the porthole door making it a  perfect choice for use in the finely fitted yacht.

*Naval brass, alpha-beta brass is also referred to as Admiralty brass, contains tin (not exceeding 2%) and  is less liable to corrosion in seawater and is used in naval construction. For this reason, naval brass is a preferred product to use, both in the interior and especially around the exterior of any coastal home. Admiralty metal is a trademark.

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  1. Do any ship grates come in 4'x6' sections or
    larger? I am trying to make a deck that is 12'x 12' in area.

  2. It is almost impossible to find exact sizes (especially in multiple quantities)in vintage or antique grates, but we can have them produced for you new in teak or mahogany in 4 X 6 foot sections. These grates are perfect for both indoor AND outdoor use as well as odd shapes and sizes for yachts and tight areas such as shower flooring. Let us know if we can be of help.


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